Exclusive Interview with Troy Remedy

08/04/2019 byUpcoming100 Staff

An exclusive interview with Troy Remedy.

Upcoming100: Hi Troy. We’re happy to do this interview with you. We have experienced your kind of music with “Underdog”  and now with “Steal My Soul” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COgdbqzk4W0  https://soundcloud.com/troyremedy/steal-my-soul-uncensored

In the development of these songs, what mindset and inspiration did you keep?

Troy Remedy: My mindset was at a crossroads during that time as I was going through a lot and had to fight to keep the sanity.  Lost some people recently so they were the inspiration.  No matter how tough the road got, I realized you couldn’t give into the madness no matter what.  Their spirit and memory is what has kept me moving in a solid direction.

Upcoming100: Between “Underdog” and “Steal My Soul”, which do you think is a more inspired composition? Why? How do you assess the feedback you received from your listeners?

Troy Remedy: They both have inspirational qualities, one having to deal with being counted out and written off always feeling like an underdog and having to overcome those hurdles.  But personally, I would lean with “Steal My Soul” because it deals with our darkest moments and the inner Demons we are all trying to fight off.  It’s also dedicated to those we’ve lost along the way that helped keep us alive to fight another day.

Feedback and reception has been good. People are genuinely touched by the record and that means a lot. 

Upcoming100: What kind of musical material do you see yourself pursuing hereon? Are you going to be more evolutionary or revolutionary? Where does “Which Way To Go”, your new single, falling into?

Troy Remedy: Nothing but dope music.  Hard beats and even colder rhymes.  Always have to evolve your game and adapt to the circumstances.   Personally, I feel I’m evolving as an artist with every song completed chipping away and getting better each time.  But I’m always riding with that rebel spirit.  “Which Way to Go” hits you right in the gut when you hear the strings from the guitar.  Keeping right in line with that same mentality.

Upcoming100: What steps do you usually take to remain consistent with your musical standard and artistry?

Troy Remedy: Immersing myself into the music 24/7.  Listening, observing, learning.  Practicing techniques that keep a steady growth as a musician and lyricist. 

Upcoming100: In your line of work, what triggers the most creative juices? How?

Troy Remedy: Life.  Everything that it encompasses.  The ups and downs that define our existence.

Upcoming100: Was there ever a time when you had second thoughts about being in the music industry? Did you consider taking a shot at another endeavor? Why?

Troy Remedy: No second thoughts once I committed all the energy to the music.   Took shots early on a bunch of things trying to find my niche in the world but it seems through all those failures, it always led back to music.   Finally, just grabbed the bull by the horns. 

Upcoming100: Who would you say had provided you with the most inspiration as a musician? In what way?

Troy Remedy: All the artists who came before me, specifically those whose passion was evident in their tracks.  Trailblazers who set their own standards and fighters who kept going even after a loss. Just to name a few.  

Upcoming100: If you were to give someone advice on how to harness a talent relating to music, what would this advice be?

Troy Remedy: Keep working.  Every day, do something that progresses where you were yesterday.  Pick the string on that guitar until your fingers bleed and sing that note until you lose your voice. Sounds cliché but that’s the only way to describe it. 

Upcoming100: In the light of what you have developed and produced so far, how successful do you see yourself at this point?

Troy Remedy: Just doing my due diligence to perfect the craft.  Gonna be deadly on all aspects from lyrics to production.  Still have a lot to learn with plenty of knowledge to gain and definitely far from any finish line.  

Upcoming100: Where can potential fans find out more about you?

Troy Remedy: http://troyremedy.net



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