Hear Vundabar Interpolate Mission Of Burma’s “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” On Their Latest “Tonight I’m Wearing Silk”

12/02/2018 byRob Arcand

Vundabar’s new album Smell Smoke is out next week, and so far, singles “Acetone” and “Diver” have felt like a pretty good summation of the sort of fuzz-drenched, far-reaching diversity that the band’s been mastering for years now.

This week, the act has shared another new song that interpolates fellow Boston post-punks Mission of Burma and their 1981 classic “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver.” With updated lyrics taking aim at political elites, “Tonight I’m Wearing Silk” draws a connection between punk and hardcore’s long-standing hatred of Ronald Reagan and today’s resurgence of political themes, as the trio rush into a soaring, multi-tracked chorus to shout from the heavens and blast from the muddy car stereo, ears still ringing from the show.

Smell Smoke is out 2/23 via Gawk Records. Check out “Tonight I’m Wearing Silk” below.



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