K.Flay's 'Run For Your Life' Video Is An Intense Close-Up of The New Lara Croft

13/03/2018 byHilary Hughes

This cut from the 'Tomb Raider' soundtrack gets the cinematic treatment with help from Alicia Vikander.

Now that Tomb Raider is in theaters and Alicia Vikander has taken up the adventurous mantle of Lara Croft, the latest visual from the soundtrack has the video game icon joining forces with K.Flay.

“Run For Your Life” chops and screws various glimpses of Tomb Raider that have the Oscar winner doing exactly that, though she’s also leaping for her life, fighting for her life, and generally hanging on for dear life in a variety of super dangerous scenarios.

K.Flay doesn’t get quite as daring in her share of screen time, though she does meander through a few dusty, book-filled rooms that appear to have been long forgotten before letting loose in under the wash of a blood-red light.

Watch the video for “Run For Your Life” in full below.



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