David Crosby Is 'Home Free' in New Music Video: Exclusive Premiere

14/04/2018 byPaul Bond

The song is featured in the film "Little Pink House," which comes out April 20.

Before legendary rocker David Crosbyreleases his newest music video -- which serves as a cross-promotion of an upcoming movie he is backing -- Billboard has obtained it in advance of its official debut.

The song, a slow ballad he wrote with his son, James Raymond, is called "Home Free," and it appears on Sky Trails, a solo album the former Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young frontman released last year.

Crosby and Raymond wrote the song for Little Pink House, a feature film set for release April 20 about the Supreme Court "Kelo" decision, which allowed the purchase of homes against the will of those who owned them, courtesy of laws pertaining to eminent domain.

In the movie, and the real-life case that made national news in 2005, homes in New London, Connecticut, were to be purchased and demolished for the purpose of "economic development," mostly so that Pfizer could build a facility there in anticipation of a blockbuster drug it called Viagra.

"Fight like the devil to hold this ground/ This place of safety that we found," Crosby sings in the music video below.

Crosby wasn’t available for comment, though he told The Hollywood Reporter in February that he "was moved by the film" -- and the fact that the movie is at odds with President Trump’s views on eminent domain didn’t hurt, either.

"He has used it," Crosby says of Trump. "What a wretched person. The worst kind of landlord; and a racist. He’s done a lot of really bad stuff."

In the same interview, Crosby says he’d like to reunite CSN&Y for the purpose of bashing Trump, though it’s an uphill climb, as he doesn’t get along with his former bandmates.

Watch Crosby's "Home Free" video below:



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