Martin Shkreli Claims to Be in Possession of Several Drake Response Tracks to Pusha-T

12/06/2018 byJulia Pimentel

The whole Drake and Pusha-T feud just gets weirder and weirder.

Even though J. Prince said he urged Drake not to release the supposed "career-ending" track he had lined up, and Push himself declared the whole beef over last week, people are still inserting themselves in the discourse: first it was Lil Twist, and now, in an annoying turn of events, Martin Shkreli, the Pharma Bro himself says his company is in possession of Drake's response.

Shkreli, who is currently in prison on a seven year sentence for securities fraud, apparently got in contact with a friend and asked him to relay a message about the mysterious Drake response to “The Story of Adidon.” Shkreli claims his “offices” received a USB disk with 10 “unpublished” Drake tracks that reference the recent Pusha-T feud as well as Kanye West. 

Shkreli also commented on the news over Lil Wayne’s recent settlement in court with Birdman, which suggests Tha Carter V may finally be released, but did so by twisting the knife just that little bit more and reminding us all that he's heard Tha Carter V already, since he bought the rights to the album in 2016.

The full statement reads as follows, per Hypebeast: 

I’m pleased to hear Lil Wayne’s Carter V will be released soon and his litigation has been settled. It is a great addition to his already impressive corpus.

Additionally, I am pleased to report my offices have received an unmarked USB disk containing what appears to be unpublished and newly created tracks by Drake, referencing recent events with respect to Pusha-T and Kanye West.

There are 10 tracks and some appear to be demo tracks by an unnamed artist to inspire a forthcoming, fully-produced “disrespect” musical piece. I would normally share a snippet as I have in the past but my present situation negates this possibility.

It would be wise to be extra doubtful of Shkreli’s claim: whether a Drake response track exists or not, it sounds like someone as calculated as Drake wouldn’t just be distributing a USB with the very valuable track like that. In reality, this message sounds like a sad attempt from Shkreli, hip-hop's biggest troll, to insert himself in the hip-hop world in the same way he did when he bought both Carter V and a rare Wu-Tang Clan album. It should be noted there is a possibility Shkreli is telling the truth… we just think it’s pretty slim. In any case, telling us the track exists without actually releasing it is a pretty anticlimactic move. 



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