Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds & More Read Heart Wrenching Letter From Migrant Mother

11/07/2018 byRania Aniftos

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) teamed up with some of today's biggest celebrities to bring light to the ongoing trouble at the United States border, where families are being torn apart.

In a 4-minute clip posted on Sunday (July 8), Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Lena Waithe among others read an affidavit from a migrant mother from Honduras named Mirian, who was separated from her 18-month-old son at the Texas border.

She explains that she was seeking "asylum" and “protection from government violence" in America in early 2018. However, Customs and Border Patrol quickly took her son away. “On February 20, 2018, my son and I crossed the international bridge in Brownsville, Texas, and presented ourselves to US immigration officers,” the letter read. “The US immigration officers then told me that they were taking my son from me. They said he would be going to one place and I would be going to another. I asked why the officers were separating my son from me. They did not provide any reason.”

She has not seen her son since, and wishes to comfort him and let him know his mother loves him.  “I have not been able to speak to my son because he does not really talk yet since he’s so young,” she concluded. “I need to be able to hold him and reassure him that he is safe and that his mother is here for him.”

Watch the full heartbreaking video below.



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