Soulja Boy Arrested For Violating Probation, Held Without Bail

12/04/2019 byLatifah Muhammad

Soulja Boy found himself back in custody following court hearing Thursday (April 11) where a judge determined that he violated his probation, and failed to complete court-ordered community service.

According to TMZ, the 28-year-old rapper is being held without bail and will miss a performance  scheduled for Thursday, and another on April 13. He is expected to remain in custody until another court hearing on April 30.

Last month, police briefly arrested Soulja Boy after finding ammunition in his home. During Thursday’s court hearing, which stemmed from the aforementioned arrest, a judge found him to be in violation of his probation. TMZ reports that Soulja Boy is also being accused of conspiring to falsify evidence to make it look like he completed his community service.

Though Soulja Boy claimed that he had the rap game's “biggest comeback of 2018,” it seems that 2019 has been rocky road for the Atlanta native who, despite announcing several new business ventures, continues to find himself in trouble with the law.

In 2017, Soulja Boy was sentenced to five years probation, stemming from an  arrest three years earlier. At the time, police pulled his car over for running a red light only to find that he was carrying a loaded gun.



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