West Texas native catches ear of big record labels with single ‘Nothing Left 2 Lose’

06/04/2017 byUpcoming100 Staff

LUBBOCK, TX – Chris “Bone” Garza has always been attracted to the idea of expressing emotion through sound.

It’s one the first things that attracted to hip-hop as a young child – the ability to express pain or joy or any of a hundred other emotions through lyrics and beats and instrumentals.


But it wasn’t until recently that he began creating his own music, and his unique sound has been making waves throughout West Texas. His debut single, “Nothing Left 2 Lose,” has garnered him some attention from the likes of Roc Nation and Universal/Republic Records. One talent scout from Urban Threshold Inc. said of the single that it is “deep and introspective. Sometimes life is about risking almost everything for a dream that no one else can see but you. This song sums that up. We like the vibe and energy on the song.”


“This is an example of me trying to reach deep down,” CBG said. “It’s my way of expressing pain – and whatever happened in the past I’m getting over that hump I’m facing. That’s what I love about hip-hop and music in general – that you can put feelings and emotions on a beat. Emotions become art. I’ve always liked to make beats – that’s one of the best parts of making music. You’re taking what you’re thinking – your vision – and putting it into sound.”


CBG is ready to follow up the success of his debut single with a follow-up single called “Broken.” He said it should drop sometime early this summer, and he has already been in talks with Universal about potentially working with the label. A music video for the single was recently shot in New York City and should also be available early this summer.


Like his first single, CBG said “Broken” is a song that he hopes listeners will be able to connect with. His ability to sing, harmonize, rap, produce and even engineer and mix his own music is something that he said helps him stand out from the crowd. And at the end of the day he hopes fans will connect with a down-to-earth guy who shows a talent at making music.


“I want someone to connect with my music,” he said. “Maybe they’ve been through stuff before and my music helps them realize they aren’t alone. It’s about inspiring someone who’s maybe gonna change the world someday. You never know who you’re gonna reach when they listen to your music and connect with it. But if I can reach one person who says, ‘Hey, I’ve been through that before and pulled out of it,’ that’s what matters to me.”


CBG said this is the just the first step in a music career that he hopes will last many years. Not only does he want to spend his life making a living doing something he loves, but he also wants to build a financially stable future for his four children and the rest of his family.


Fans can follow CBG, see his “Nothin Left 2 Lose” official YouTube video and listen to his music by visiting the links below.


















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