D-Eazy shows off progression of personal style with new single, forthcoming album

17/06/2017 byUpcoming 100 Staff

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – D-Eazy is a musical artist in the truest sense of the word. His beat is his canvas, and when he creates music he gets to paint the best version of a masterpiece.

His most recent masterpiece comes in the form of a new single called “The Wave.” It’s a song that features the artist YMTK, with D-Eazy’s deep lyrics telling the story of a relationship and its ups and downs.
“It’s not necessarily about a boyfriend and girlfriend,” he said. “It’s just about people who have a bond and who stick together no matter what and just ride that wave. What inspired me was when my AR hit me up with a bunch of artists to collaborate with and I heard YMTK and realized that he could bring a new flavor to the table. I asked him to see if the timing was right to collaborate. While I was waiting for his reply, I started searching some beats. I knew I wanted to do something really upbeat that had a happy, light feeling because I’d been in a dark place for a minute with my music. I found this Tropical House meets Hip-Hop beat that I fell in love with and sent it to him, and he fell in love with it too. He shot us a hook right away, and when I heard it I knew we had something special. So we went with it and recorded it.”
“The Wave” is slated to hit all digital distribution sites on June 20, with a music video for the song slated to release later this summer. It will also be the first single off an album that D-Eazy plans to release later this year. That album will be called “Optionz!,” and is the culmination of a body of work that he’s been developing for approximately three years.
“Originally that was going to be a three-disc album, but after listening to the whole thing together we thought it was too large of a body of work and it would be better if we just took the best cuts and put it down on one album,” D-Eazy said. “Each song gives you something different, which is why I named it ‘Optionz!.’ I specifically chose beats that were out of my element. My last two projects were gangster rap, and I wanted this one to be more positive. It’s not all positive, but it does have a positive vibe overall. And it features some of the most different beats I could find. You won’t hear the same thing through the whole album.”
D-Eazy said he’s proud of the project because it shows his growth as an artist over the course of his career. He said he remembers listening to old-school R&B with his father when he was a child, and he’s glad to have the chance to take some of his poetry skills and put it to hip-hop in a way that throws back to those old-school R&B greats. 
“I’m creating music that people can feel,” he said. “There’s a certain feeling when you listen to good music, and I want to do something that goes back to that time that makes you remember that feeling. I’m not just talking about a bunch of bullshit or about money that I don’t have in my lyrics. I get back into reality and into our culture and the old-school hip-hop culture and I give them some substance.”
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