Young Hustler turns chase for money into successful music career; launches fifth studio album project “The High Times Of Ka$h Vol. 2”

18/06/2017 byUpcoming 100 Staff

TAMPA, FL – DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) native & upcoming Composer\Singer\Rapper\Producer, Kyle “Ka$h Route” Reedy has always been someone looking to make an extra buck.

Even as a young boy he was always looking for the next hustle – juggling many different money-making ventures. Instead of lunch breaks in school he would battle local mc’s, play basketball, dice & sell drugs for money. Constantly hustling & always trying to get cash, it wasn’t long before people started calling him by the nickname that he still uses today as a professional musician: Ka$h Route.
Today that name means much the same thing it did when he was younger, though his illegal hustles have been exchanged for shows, music videos, mixtapes, singles & albums. 
His newest album project called “The High Times of Ka$h Vol. 2” 
Is his fifth studio album, he released it on April 20. (4/20/2017)
Via his Independent Record Label: Paperboyz Productionz ™

The High Times Of Ka$h Vol. 2 is available at music distributors & platforms online.
Featuring Songs with such artists as: Trey Songz, August Alsina, Big Benz, Jon Dough, Roze, Koopsta Knicca, Young Marquis, Maskerade, Gabriela Tristan, Marlo Margiela, Fred Nice, Lepht, VA Prime, Moeazy, Nat M., P Child, Retro, J-Aus, Etc.)
“It’s about the journey and adventure of my whole story of going through life, just in a music experience,” Ka$h said of the album. “Each song is basically a small piece of my life – a small view, or little pictures of different times over the past four years. There are a lot of different ideas on this album, and a lot of different vibes for different moods – anything from working out pump up music, drink & party vibes to relax and chill songs, tracks to smoke to and even a few songs for the females. It’s a little bit of everything all mixed into one, and it basically serves as kind of a memoir of the chronicles my life.”
Ka$h said his music is soulful and progressive fused into one, with lyrics that are deeply conscious and different from a large percentage of mainstream music today. He calls his music “enlightening hip-hop” and hopes that people appreciate that he’s making something a little more meaningful lyrically and inspirational than what a lot of people are listening to nowadays.
He has come quite a long way since his time as a young teenage star who record labels were eager to sign. After years of music competitions and struggles through the industry – including a stint with a record label that continued to try to push him toward an electronic pop sound he didn’t like – he chose to start his own independent label and release the kind of music he wanted without any other agenda other than putting out good art he loved and believed in.
“I wanted to get my story out there in my own way,” he said. “I realized if the labels weren’t going to let me do that, then even if I was going to make less money I wanted to get it out there the way I wanted it out there. This music is my soul and my ideas and my life, and I hope that people hear my story and are inspired to be brave enough to be independent and creative enough to follow their own path. That’s the message behind my music – to rise above and succeed even when everybody is telling you that you can’t. There will always be haters and negative circumstances in life, but if you put your mind to it. You can achieve your Dreams. That’s what my music is about: Dream chasing and turning impossible into reality.”
To listen to Ka$h Route’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit these links:
Youtube, Spotify & Itunes: Ka$h Route
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