Self-proclaimed gear-head Auston Martin compares the body lines of a car to the curves of a woman and his love for high times with the launch of his new single ‘Rollin’ Up’

13/07/2017 byUpcoming 100 Staff

RICHMOND, VA – Auston Martin has always been known to be a connoisseur of all makes and models.

Friends would always ask him to get them up and running again. It earned him the nickname Auto, which was something that he embraced for many years.
But when he began to pursue music professionally, he realized Auto wasn’t necessarily something he wanted to be known as. He wanted to be known as a talented singer and musician who created original works of art. He searched out a stage name that represented him as a refined artist that gets better with time. It was during a trip to New York City that the new name would be revealed
He was out with a friend in New York City when he was reminded of another enthusiast in the character James Bond.  James bond shared his love for body lines of all types, especially when it came to women and cars. From this realization, Auston Martin was born.
Today under that name, he has been able to release new music that is turning heads left and right across the Midwest and East Coast. His most recent single is called “Rollin’ Up,” and it’s a song that he said is a hip-hop influenced track that is perfect for what’s going on in the world right now kicking back and parting. It’s a song that showcases his unique delivery, witty wordplay and one-of-a-kind vocal talents.
“I believe that every artist has their own story, kind of like a book,” Auston Martin said. “And every listener is like a reader of that book. I’m just going to let the audience make their own assumptions about me and my music. Hopefully I’m not judged by the content, but instead hear my music and say that they like what I’m saying, I’m real, or that my music sounds fun.”
Auston Martin said he was pretty young when he first started doing music. He said his first memory of performing for his family is from around age five or six when the family had just returned home from church.
“I popped out of the car singing ‘I Believe I Can Fly,’ and my mom said, ‘Boy, you got some pipes!’” he said. “By age 13 my mom had started putting me into vocal coaching.”
After high school he was given the opportunity to record a demo in New York City. With the help of his contacts and talent, he gained a number of opportunities with vocal coaches, studio time at labels, and managers.
Today, Auston Martin said he makes a variety of music that tends to live in hip-hop, urban R&B and funk genres.
“I hope anything that makes me bounce, feel a certain way or I think is catchy translates to listener, usually it’s the beat that talks to me. It all depends on the instruments and attitude that the sound brings to mind, and that usually marries with what I’m thinking about in my life or what’s happened to somebody or myself in my past.”
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