Bay Area Rapper JM Vercetti To Close The Summer With Release of "Family Game Night"

11/09/2017 byUpcoming 100 Staff

LOS ANGELES, CA – Delaware born artist JM Vercetti has been a part of the music scene ever since he could remember.

During his time in middle school, he put a pen to paper and soon discovered his passion for songwriting. As lyrics are a form of personal expression for Vercetti, he kept at it, and eventually turned his attention to rap music. By his college years, he began recording in studio sessions, and transforming his passions into a full-blown career.
Vercetti is no stranger to navigating the ups and downs of life, as he has had to overcome trials and tribulations in his life. Instead of succumbing to defeat, the artist utilized his experiences as inspiration in making music. “When people like my music, I like to call them family,” said the artist. “I went through some times with my family, so family is very important to me. I’m very family-oriented.”
After overcoming a great deal of strife, Vercetti looked to the artists who inspired him, such as Lil Wayne and Kanye West. After Kanye West released “The Life of Pablo”, Vercetti found himself clinging to his song “Ultralight Beam”. “For whatever reason, that song sparked something in me. It has to be one of my favorite songs because of what it did for my mind space. It’s just like I finally woke up… it was a true, out of body experience,” said Vercetti. This sort of artistic rebirth motivated Vercetti to change locations, which led to him moving to the Bay Area, East Palo Alto specifically. From here, he started making more music and connecting with fellow artists and producers. He soon came to find his fanbase building on the West Coast, which was a true testament to all of his hard work and commitment.
Currently, the artist is anxious to release his major project, “Family Game Night”, in early September. “‘Family Game Night” came about because I wanted to release some music before my next two projects: “A Night at the Movies”, which will probably be out in December, and “Don’t Look Too Close”, which is going to be an album out next year,” said Vercetti. The upcoming mixtape is a reflection of his mixture of East and West Coast influences that he is widely known for. “I remember Thanksgiving when I was younger, my cousins and uncles would all get together and play Madden on Playstation. Those memories are dope because it was like a big, family game night when we got together. That's where the concept of the project derives,” said Vercetti.
With a plethora of hit music on the way, Vercetti is optimistic about the future. As he is eternally grateful for those who support and listen to his music, he can’t wait to share his upcoming projects with the world. If one thing is certain, Vercetti’s “California, laidback vibe mixed with East Coast bars” is infectiously unique. This is just the beginning for JM Vercetti.
Make sure to connect with JM Vercetti on his social media sites below! You won’t want to miss the drop of “Family Game Night”:
Snapchat: JM.Vercetti


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