Bahamian Rapper Uses Stories From Past to Influence Fans

14/11/2017 byUpcoming 100 Staff

MIAMI, FL – Though Kash Prez admits that Island music is relatively popular among hip-hop circles these days, his own particular sound and style of the genre is something he knows no one has heard before.

Hailing from the Bahamas, this Miami-based rapper has plenty of stories from his childhood on the Islands – from trials and tribulations to situations that he dealt with on a rough island.
“It’s hard over there,” Kash said of his home country. “But I really want to rep the Bahamas right now. When people hear my music, I want them to be like, ‘That’s that Bahamian kid over doing his thing and living life.’ I’m not trying to be in no battles with nobody. I’m just trying to be me, and I want to be one of the first ones from the Bahamas to ever make it big.”
His debut project is the first step toward that super-stardom. It’s a self-titled EP that he plans on releasing Oct. 12. The songs on the project will explore what it was like for him to grow up in the Bahamas and the different experiences he has gone through over this journey toward creating a professional career as a musician.
A big part of that journey started when he moved from the Bahamas to the U.S. He started going to college, where he became close friends with rapper Zoey Dollaz. He would frequently go to the studio with Zoey, and eventually as Zoey became more well known and got his own tour, Kash was invited along.
“That’s ultimately what made me decide to be a rapper,” Kash said. “At first I did development on his tours – and we started on tours with a little money, but then we started doing it with real money and things got better. Eventually I got to be real good friends and A Boogie and his people, and I got to go on tour with him in February and March of this year. I did 10 shows with him. Since then I’ve been doing promotion for my name and Rich By Finesse, and working on my first-ever solo project.”
Kash gives major respect to Zoey, A Boogie and other artists and industry insiders who have taken him under their wing and trained him to have a successful career in music.
“Zoey guided me a lot by watching him and being around him,” Kash said. “I then had to figure out the concept and figure out how to do it right. I also have a good friend, Hood Rich Keem, and a year before I started rapping I was messing with him and got a lot of knowledge from him. I just got whatever knowledge I could learn from people and then tried to use that to my best ability.”
Kash said there are two songs in particular from the upcoming project that he’s pushing. The first is a single called “CEO,” which he said is about him and a friend from Memphis named Supa Kush. Produced by Young Thug producer Wheezy Beats, the song talks about two young guys trying to be CEOs of their lives.
“That’s a term that means somebody who owns something,” Kash said. “You’re working, but you’re not working for anybody – just yourself. That’s what the song describes. I’m trying to come up, and I want to be my own boss.”
The second single is called “No Swishers,” and Kash describes it as a song about how he and his friends don't smoke swishers but just backwoods filled with good trees.
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