Kiyahotpeppa Aims To Put Alambama On The Map With New Hip-Hop Single ‘Shoes on the Chevy’

12/02/2018 byUpcoming 100 Staff

BIRMINGHAM, AL – There are stars and celebrities from nearly every state and major city in the U.S. very few of them have come from Birmingham, Alabama.

In fact, the number of musicians to have come out of the city can be counted on one hand – and none of them are known for their hip-hop roots.

Kiyahotpeppa is on a mission to become Birmingham’s first hip-hop star. His new single, “Shoes on the Chevy,” is his first step down that road. Already the song is getting some radio play in the South, and the summer vibe with good feelings is gaining more and more traction with fans as the feel-good track of the year. 

“It’s for playing at car shows and barbecues and stuff like that,” Kiyahotpeppa said. “That’s how we do summers down south in Alabama. Everybody down here loves old cars, and putting shoes on the Chevy is like putting rims on a car. I hope this is one of those songs that open the door for the rest of the artists that are up-and-coming from around here. Where I’m from, nobody is famous. We’re one of the last states to get someone famous. And I feel like if one person can make it, then it’ll become like Hollywood because we’ll start drawing attention to all of the talent here.”

Kiyahotpeppa hopes to be that one person who starts the ball of success rolling for his city. He’s been in the music industry for more than 10 years, and the sound he has developed is definitely unique. A blend of a thick southern drawl and witty wordplay combined with hard-hitting beats makes him someone that sounds like no one else. Adding a new flavor to the hip-hop culture, this gangster rapper serenades the audience with lyrics that are meaningful and relatable. 

“It’s true that the world is in a dire need of inspiration,” he said. “This isn’t something you can achieve by simply listening to galas of another utopian galaxy. I guarantee authenticity and realism in my creative art. And you’ll hear my thoughts and feelings in ways that will connect with thousands of listeners out there. I’ll show you how I’ve squeezed out lemonade from the sour lemons that have been thrown at me.”

And Kiyahotpeppa has definitely had his share of challenges thrown his way. For instance, in 2000 he was at a gas station when a drive by shooting occurred. Stray bullets ended up hitting him in the head. After that experience he started fully diving into music. And since then he’s been steadily building up a fan-base that is hooked on his authentic and unique music. He’s won numerous trophies for Best Song and Hottest Indie Artist of the Year, and he’s collaborated with well-known artists such as Scarface, Shawty Lo, Pator Troy, Bun B, Young Scooter, Dirty Boyz, Eightball and MJ, and many others. 

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