Hot New Single ‘I Call Her Semi’ is Set to Light Up Airwaves Just like ‘I Like Big Butts’... ATLANTA, GA – As a full-time truck driver, Atlanta-based rapper Put Back Shawty has an arsenal of random phrases at his disposal.
Former Rocker Embraces Love of Rap with New Album ‘The Other Me’... ITHICA, NY – Earth, air, water and fire … each of the elements find their place in the music from New York-based artist EleMental.
Georgia Drawl Drips from New Rapper Millahtary in Recent EP ‘Til’ Syrup Gets a Dollar a Sop’... MADISON, GA – When Tupac was at the height of his career, he conducted an interview in which he stated that there was someone in the world who he wo
Dance/House Artist M3XX D4MIAN Drops Hot New Single ‘Tell Me’... GERMANY – If you like to find interesting new artists on YouTube who are creating truly unique sounds, then you might have heard of M3XX D4MIAN.
Vision from God Propels New Album ‘Redemption’ from Italian Artist Felicitas... MILAN, ITALY – Felicitas Ngenuie Zama is a modern-day miracle.
Lado Fire Embraces Evils of Past and Uses them to Inspire Others to Chase their Dreams... PHILADELPHIA, PA – There are evil parts of Lado Fire’s past that would be very easy for him to try to ignore, but he’s not built that way.
Nisha Uses Pop-Poems to Empower Women through Music... LOS ANGELES, CA – As a female Indian immigrant artist, born in Nigeria and raised in America, Nisha’s work explores the crossroads of her differen
Up-and-Coming Kaytlyn Cate Drops New Soulful Single ‘You’re Making My Heart Feel Like’... BEND, OR – The greatest journey for a musician is the one taken to find that unique voice – the signature sound that makes the artist stand out fr
Keshun Muzic Brings Songs that Motivate Others to Chase their Dreams... LAS VEGAS, NV – If you have a goal but don’t know where to start, Keshun Muzic might just be the thing you need to motivate you to “get off your
KZAR Uses Battle with Anxiety to Inspire Others Through Music... TORONTO, CANADA – Kean Azarshah has always loved hip-hop.
Gutta Mayne Uses Hard Work to Pull Out of Hard Life, Inspires Others with Music to do the Same... EL PASO, TX – No matter where you come from and no matter how hard life is, you can still do something good with your life.
Jack and the Other Melds Multiple Genres Into Truly Original Sound... ATLANTA, GA – There’s never been a band quite like Jack and the Other, and that’s the way they like it.
Young Goats’ Single ‘What Love Is’ is Successfully Playing; Preparing to Release New Summer Album in 2019... SAN DIEGO, CA – Young Goats is a hip-hop duo based out of Southern California that is starting to gain some major attention along the West Coast and
Yung Linkx Drops Chill New Mixtape ‘The Green Tape’ with Younger Brother Triky Handz... LOS ANGELES, CA – Anybody who enjoys good lyrical content will be able to enjoy the music coming from LA-based rapper Yung Linkx.

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