Wes Jamell Showcases Authenticity and Originality with New Single “It’s a Go”... MAYSVILLE, KY – From out of Northern Kentucky – just a few miles down the road from Cincinnati – comes a versatile new rapper and artist named W
Jayo Da Pimp Releases New Single ‘Fiji’ in Anticipation of Full Mixtape Later this Fall... BROOKLYN, NY – Jayo Da Pimp is the kind of artist that you just love to hang out with, and his music is the perfect companion for any walk of life
Montreal Rapper Emdee Wright Drops Booming New Single ‘Kingz’... MONTREAL, CANADA – Marc-David “Emdee Wright” Amisial is a fast-rising hip-hop artist from Montreal who is the perfect blend of old-school flavor
Kna-Lo Venge Showcases Original Talent with Three-Song Performance Project... LOS ANGELES, CA – Since the passing of Prince, and before him Michael Jackson, the world has been waiting for an artist who is truly an original…
Seattle Based Hip-Hop Artist Tells His Story in New Single “Thought You Knew”... SEATTLE, WA – The Pacific Northwest has been home to Freako Bandeedo, and he plans to make definite waves in the region.
STF Chef Inspires Others to Work for What they Want with New Album... DETROIT, MI – Shayne Williams graduated high school at the age of 16.
Russell T Explores Positivity and Pain with New Mixtape “Overdue the Sequel”... BOGALUSA, LA – There are many sides to Louisiana-based hip-hop artist Russell T, all of which are put on display through his music.
Hard-hitting Rapper G.A.B.B.Y. Launches New Anthem ‘I Am’... MANHATTAN, NY – No one will ever accuse New York rapper G.A.B.B.Y. of being timid.
Rezzy Carter Drops ‘Real’ Music with New Mixtape ‘I Can’t Fail’... ST. LOUIS, MO – Rezzy Carter is one of those rare individuals who found his calling at a very young age.
CODEBOY SAI INSPIRES LISTENERS TO LIVE BY THE C.O.D.E.... NEWARK, DE — CodeBoy Sai releases his “CODE LIFE” project to introduce listeners to the C.O.D.E. way of life.
Florida artist Iamzaccp pushes the boundaries with new EP ‘Live Free’... ORLANDO, FL – Some artists have a pocket they like to stay in – they know what they like to do and what they’re good at and they stay in that l
Portland Based Singer and Songwriter Janaesound Inspires Fans with New Single “Diamonds”... PORTLAND, ME– Janaesound has an extremely robust musical background, and started her singing career at a very young age.
Heartbreak Kidd launches R&B track of the summer with ‘Bring ‘em Over’... LOS ANGELES, CA – At only 18 years old, Louis Anthony is already a heartbreaker.
Virginia Based Female Hip-Hop Artist Arica Queen Plans to Go Worldwide... NORFOLK, VA- For people who enjoy music from Lil Kim and Rihanna, they’ll soon fall in love with hip-hop artist Arica Queen.
Beedabee offers fans a ‘Lifeline’ with his R&B single... AKRON, OH – Beedabee is an openly gay pop and R&B artist and actor from Akron, Ohio whose single “Lifeline” is set to light up the airways and m

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