Gameboi Combines West Coast Sound with the South for Original Hip-Hop... LAS VEGAS, NV – Tyree Curry, known professionally as Gameboi, is a rapper and CEO of Copastedik Hardknock Records who is starting to turn heads alon
Billboard G Lets the World Take a Peek at his Life Journal with New Album ‘Billboard Bound’... LANCASTER, PA – Imir Williams – also known by his stage name Billboard G – is a hip-hop artist from the Northeast who is rapidly on the rise to
Goddess Venus Empowers Women Through Music, Launches New Single ‘Count It Up’... BROOKLYN, NY – Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty and love.
Memphis Maccie Brings West Coast and South Together in New Album ‘Tale of Two Cities’... PORTLAND, OR – Much like his new album, Memphis Maccie is an artist whose style tells the “Tale of Two Cities.”
AugusTwentySecond Drops New Self-Titled EP... DALLAS, TX – Jordan Josey has always been someone for whom music has struck a deep chord.
Georgia Bishop and Restaurant Owner Hits Gospel Scene by Storm with New Music... MORROW, GA – American Gospel music is a big business, and has been part of the business plan of American Christianity for more than a century.
Cardinal Shinee Bares Soul with Original New Sound in Single ‘Friend’... SAN DIEGO, CA – There are three astrological groupings that are present in the universe depending on the month that you are born: Fixed, Mutable or
Zflame Brings Positive Vibes with Pop-Infused Rap... COLUMBIA, TN – Zflame is no stranger to the big stage.
Southern California Funk/Pop Band Fuses Hip-Hop with Old-School R&B... LOS ANGELES, CA – One of the hottest and fastest-rising young groups in music today is Undecided Future.
Cartier’Ray Embodies Swag in Both Lifestyle and Musicality... CLEVELAND, OH – If you were to ever meet Ray Hallman randomly on the streets, there’s one thing you can be sure of: he’ll be wearing Cartier gla
Angelo Tha Don Rides Wave of Success After Major Comeback... COLUMBUS, OH – Angelo “Tha Don” Williams is a hip-hop songwriter, producer and performer who has more stories to tell than most people twice his
MLB Nard Continues to Build his Music Empire with New Hit single ‘Ric Flair Soowoo’... AUGUSTA, GA – Imagine you’re in a wrestling ring … and a dance breaks out … and next thing you know the whole place is jumping.
Proceeds from Compilation Album to be Used to Help the Homeless... EASTMAN, WI – Luke Christensen has been a successful businessman in the construction industry for the past 15 years.
Rising Pop Star Prepares to Launch New Singles ‘Honey’ and ‘Hold Up’... FREDRICKSBURG, VA – Mykeah Deline Vann is an American singer, song writer, lyricist, pop artist, entrepreneur and investor.
RichRozay Uses Death of Best Friend as Motivation to Advance Music Career... DETROIT, MI – One of the worst days of his life was when RichRozay watched his best friend Juice die right in front of him.

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