Born Rebel Tina Mazyck Shows off Vocal Range with New Single ‘My Line'... BRONX, NY – When Tina Mazyck was 5 years old, her father bought her a Ronald McDonald tape recorder.
Rising R&B Star, Karma Drops New Revolutionary Album!!!... LOS ANGELES, CA – If you put out good vibes into the world, you’ll get good back as a law of nature.
16-Year-Old Conflict Announces Arrival to Hip-Hop with Hit New Single ‘Back Again’... NEW ORLEANS, LA – When Isaach Anywar was a young boy growing up in New Orleans, he was well known for his intensity on the football field.
‘Visions from the Bottom’ Brings Rapper’s Words from Behind Bars to the Rest of the World... SEATLLE, WA – Loe T has done more from behind bars than most people accomplish in a lifetime of freedom.
Bay Area Badass K-Rob the Singer Drops Hot New Single ‘Six Figures’... RICHMOND, CA – Kevin Roberts – known professionally as K-Rob the Singer – is a versatile entertainer that you need to have your eye on.
Detroit Native Creates Genesis of Sound with New EP ‘Been Too Long’... MONROE, MI – Joe “Genesis” Jackson is an R&B and hip-hop artist born and raised in Detroit.
Boney Washington Continues String of Hot Releases with New EP ‘MUD’... TORONTO, ONTARIO – When Josh James first started making music professionally about four years ago he was going by the name JJ.
Marcus Christ Debuts New Party Anthem “I Don’t Care”... LOS ANGELES, CA – You may know him as Marcus Brooks, but the fans know him as Marcus Christ.
Troy Remedy Fresh off Release of “Steal My Soul”... DALLAS, TX – Coming off the highly anticipated release of “Steal My Soul”, Troy Remedy continues to keep the music alive.
Kidd Pyrex Fuses Old-School Sound with New-School Vibes for Unique New Take on Hip-Hop... QUEENS, NY – Nechemiah Duggins is a guy who has never felt affected by heat – by pressure from others, or stresses of school or work or life.
With A Versatile & Unique Sound, Rapper/Singer AK47 Is Here To Shake The Rap Game Up!... HILLSIDE, NJ – Pursuing music as a teenager, rapper AK47 never thought he’d make it this far: “Me and my friends were just being us, messing a
Lord Orochi Kupa Relates with Others through ‘Pain Music’ on Upcoming EP ‘The Lord’... HOUMA, LA – Lord Orochi Kupa has more pain in his life than most people deal with in two lifetimes.
Chuck the Show Connects with Fans on New Single ‘Teenage Girl’... CANTON, MI – Charles Supernois played a lot of hockey growing up in Canton, Michigan.
Yung Paid Continues String of Hits with New Single ‘Count It Up’... BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Music has been an inspiration for the entirety of Yung Paid’s life.
GodKing Lotto Shows Off ‘Extra Fly’ Music with Hot New Single... LOS ANGELES, CA – Lebaron Alexander isn’t just Fly … he’s Extra Fly.

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