Professional Jazz Guitarist Finds New Life with Folk Rock, Singer/Songwriter Genre... LOS ANGELES, CA – After years as a professional jazz musician grinding out gigs just to pay the bills, Andy Waddell found himself in a dark place.
New Hip-Hop Duo Brings Unforgettable Sound and Style with New Music... NEWARK, NJ – There’s a unique new group coming out of the East Coast music scene that is unlike anything the hip-hop world has ever seen before.
Nola B Aims to Put New Orleans Hip-Hop on The Map with New Album ‘Book of Nola’... NEW ORLEANS, LA – When NAVY recruiters try to entice new enlistees, they often cite the opportunity to visit unique places all over the world.
Los Angeles Singer Shae Brock Reminds Fans Everything is “All Good” in New Single... LOS ANGELES, CA – Shae Brock is bringing the heat once again with her latest single, “All Good”.
Seattle Rapper and Producer Tarii to Release Full Mixtape Titled “Deep Sea”... LOS ANGELES, CA – Tarii may call Seattle home, but he might as well say the same for the recording studio.
Bahamian Rapper Uses Stories From Past to Influence Fans... MIAMI, FL – Though Kash Prez admits that Island music is relatively popular among hip-hop circles these days, his own particular sound and style of
New Artist Out of Jackson, Mississippi set to Change the Game with His Unique Sound and Style... JACKSON, MS – Souf Da GameChanger is a new artist on the scene whose name says it all: he’s a game changer for the music industry.
New School Meets Old School In New Vegas Group TBC... LAS VEGAS, NV – There’s a hot new sound coming out of Las Vegas that is a perfect blend of old-school meets new-school.
Los Angeles Based Rappers G’San and E-Stro Bring the Heat with Their New Single “Off Brand”... LOS ANGELES, CA – The Southern California music scene is experiencing a musical heat wave, thanks to rapper G'San and E-Stro.
Bronx Native Rapper Phenom to Release Follow-Up to Latest EP “Ethos”... LOS ANGELES, CA – Hailing from the hard-hitting streets of Bronx, New York is rapper Phenom.
Hip-Hop Rockstar Vicci Flame Shines Bright with New Single ‘Good Energy’... LOS ANGELES, CA – Vicci Flame is the guy you want to hang out with.
Rising Star Alena Irubor Makes Bid to Become World’s Next Musical Phenom... LAS VEGAS, NV – Every once in a while the world is graced by a musical phenom. 11-year-old Alena Irubor is making a bid to be that next sensation.
Young Phenom Eli Flash Erupts with New Sound Out of New York City... BROOKLYN, NY – One of the hottest new hip-hop artists to come out of New York City is also one of the youngest.
Princess Saydah Speaks Out Against Atrocities of Her Country with New Music... LOS ANGELES, CA – Princess Saydah is a real-life princess … but it’s not as glamorous as the movies make it out to be.
Alan Ra’Jan’s Bumpy Life Journey Paves The Way For Introspective New Music... HOUSTON, TX – Alan Ra’Jan has experienced a lot of hardship in his life, all of which has served as the foundation for music that touches the soul

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