Fast-Rising Young Artist Izo.Dae Drops New Single ‘Holy Grail’... ORLANDO, FL – Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make the biggest impact.
Young Dreamer Sees Dreams of Bigger Things Realized through Rising Music Career... LOS ANGELES, CA - Hakim Fard Mathieu, known professionally as LIL DAZE, is an American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and record executive.
Arkansas Artist MaYoun Introduces MaYoun Music as Music that Makes A Difference... FORDYCE, AR – Music isn’t defined into one category.
Best Friends Use Success of Individual Careers and Come Together to Form New Group 12 Dead Roses... FLINT, MI – Allen Wright and Yama Moto have been best friends for as long as they can remember.
Southern California Musician Ritmo ‘Speaks’ with His Guitar through Instrumental Album ‘Affectivity’... LOS ANGELES, CA – A magical thing happened when Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa first picked up the guitar.
King Wess Shares ‘Good Car Vibes’ with New EP ‘Highway 101’... PORTLAND, OR – King Wess has always had a dream of moving to Los Angeles and making it big as an artist.
West Coast Rapper Takes Dreams to the ‘Next Level’ with New Album... RICHMOND, CA - Pedro Lavon Mayfield has not had an easy life.
Nate Allure Builds Momentum Toward August Album Release by Dropping New Single ‘Juicy’... ATLANTA, GA – When people hear the name Nate Allure, they can’t help but be intrigued…
Indian Artist Fuses Genres to Create Original New Sounds... NEW DELHI, INDIA – One of the hottest new sounds in music today is coming out of one of the most populous countries in the world, and it’s coming
Elodie Reverie Combines Ethereal Voice with Powerful Lyrics on New Single ‘Gold Rush’... VENICE, CA – Elodie Reverie has always been a very music person, but it wasn’t until a six-month trip to the desert that she truly found her voice
Rising New Star Drops Self-Titled EP ‘Zollo:’... FAYETTEVILLE, NC – Tim Tucker has always been a guy who keeps to himself.
Best Friends from Oklahoma Form New Supergroup 7J2Music to Create Genre-Breaking New Hip-Hop Sound... OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – When it comes to hip-hop music, you won’t find two individuals who are more passionate about the culture and traditions of tha
New Artist, Unidentified Music, Uses Painful Past to Connect with Others Overcoming Depression and Anxiety... LOS ANGELES, CA – Unidentified Music has experienced a lot of highs and lows for someone so young.
Donn Jones Drops Smooth New R&B Track ‘Leave With Me’... ATLANTA, GA – Donnavon Jones – better known by his stage name Donn Jones – is an American singer, songwriter, engineer and producer from Charles
Unique Point of View Leads to Powerful New Music from KidHeFears... ATLANTA, GA – With influences from his mother’s Indo-Caribbean culture and his father’s English-Canadian heritage, Jason Elijah Turner is the ki

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