Exclusive Interview with RedDolla Quez ... "I have a very great team and supporting cast."
Exclusive Interview with Tommy DDVO... The evolution of an artist is at the very essence of fulfillment when peers and fans alike acknowledge and appreciate the commitment to mastering the
Exclusive Interview with Kyduh... "Any artist will improve their craft over time. "
Exclusive Interview with Bombface... "Maturation is always good in artistry. "
Exclusive Interview with Meg Lieder... "I think the coolest part in growing as an artist is finding something new and fresh that makes you want to jump out of your seat!"
Exclusive Interview with Video 4.0... "Hearing feel good music in party form, really inspires me. "
Exclusive Interview with Kese... "Knowing that you get what you put in inspires me. My life inspires my music."
Exclusive Interview with StreetDude Flench... "That music change and you must keep up to understand. But I love it. It all has different meanings."
Exclusive Interview with Mr Montega Man... "My life inspires my music also memories and other hype music."
Exclusive Interview with Multi Talented Artist Shae Brock... "I believe passion is a must. I'm passionate about the expression of beauty. With my music I can do this but I also love style and dance, and acting."
Exclusive Interview with Dooley KP... I don’t fit in a box or try to sound like everybody else. I try to bring my own personality.
Exclusive interview with Boi Blue_Lavar McRae... "My advice to them would be to believe in yourself, be yourself, and know what you want out of life. "
Exclusive interview with Dennis Sy... "Music has always been a part of my life"
Exclusive interview with Soulja Blac... "I definitely have evolved as an artist lyrically And creatively! "
Exclusive Interview with Lajuan Stephens... "My passions are music and business and yes the more passion you have the harder you are willing to work for it."

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